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In the Shadow of an Artist: The Heidelberg Project
by Karen Guyton as told to David Watkins
Until now there has not been a book that tells the whole truth about the birth of the Heidelberg Project, an international art exhibit that started in Detroit, Michigan and
was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Who was really there at the beginning of the Heidelberg Project?  What part did she play in the Project?  Where is she now?
This book tells the story of Karen Guyton.  Married to Tyree Guyton at the time of the start of the Heidelberg Project, she helped by giving her time, money, and sweat.
She was taken advantage of, humiliated and more.
This is a heartfelt and triumphant tale of a woman who has been through it all. While enduring some highs and many lows, still she stayed close to the Lord.
In the Shadow of an Artist: The Heidelberg Project ($15.00) is a wonderful story of strength, courage and longsuffering.


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